Two-step maintenance of the loading dock hydraulic system

December 15, 2017

Latest company news about Two-step maintenance of the loading dock hydraulic system

The electric hydraulic pump is the heart of the loading and unloading platform, which can be lifted up and down, mainly relying on the power support of the hydraulic system. Therefore, in the process of use, we must pay attention to the regular maintenance of the hydraulic pump system to ensure the service life of the platform, so how to maintain it, see below for details.
Steps to maintain the hydraulic system of the loading dock

1. Cleanup, if the hydraulic boarding bridge oil has been completely contaminated, especially when the pump is damaged, the oil in the tank must be cleaned. According to the oil cleaning equipment, the oil flows until the oil pollution index value shows that the oil is in a satisfactory state.
2. Refueling: release the water and sediment in the platform tank on time to eliminate impurities in the oil, oxidized gear oil and other harmful substances.
Loading dock maintenance and care, not only the maintenance of the hydraulic system, but also the inspection of the infrastructure part, it is recommended to carry out a more thorough maintenance inspection every 90 days to ensure that all dirt and debris in and around the platform is removed every day so as not to affect its performance.