October 18, 2017


(1) First assemble the reel, main shaft, torsion spring, and door leaf of the fast rolling door, pay attention to distinguish the left and right directions of the torsion spring, and install them on the left and right sides of the main shaft respectively. There must be a left spring and a right spring. Right spring.

Note: The torsion spring should be properly elongated by 60-80mm on the original basis.

(2) Assemble the main unit of the fast rolling door and lock the U-shaped screws. Pull open the clutch handle, roll up the rolling door and tie it with a rope, and push on the clutch handle to prevent the torque from loosening and ensure safety.

(3) The two sides of the main shaft of the fast rolling door should exceed the angle iron by 200-300mm. At the same time, measure the distance between the wall and the shaft center. It should be considered whether the size of the rolling door rubs against the wall and prevents rotation.

(4) Put the pre-rolled rolling door of the fast rolling door on the installed horizontal angle iron frame, fix it on the angle iron frame with U-shaped screws, and adjust with water pipe pliers. If the rolling door is rolled back, the force is adjusted to roll forward, and if it is rolled forward, the force is adjusted to roll back. When adjusting to 5 or 6 turns, tighten the U-shaped screw, push on the clutch to loosen the rope.

(5) Pull down the rolling door of the high speed rolling door. If the pull down is too heavy, the torque will be too light (depending on the actual situation). Roll up the rolling door, then tie the rope tightly, and loosen it by one turn. ring. If the push-up is too heavy, tighten one turn forward to several turns and adjust slowly.

(6) Put DESEO GROUP fast rolling door into the installed guide groove to push and pull. If the force of a circle is too light or too heavy, you can loosen the U-shaped screw and adjust it to a half circle or as needed by a hose clamp. Position the clutch on the leg.